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Art Mecca is an independent art label providing services to art professionals, collectors & corporate clients. With Art Mecca, you are the gallery. We confidently curate your space with original & digital artwork as well as sculptures that flow as a cohesive collection. Each collection is tailored to fit your space, budget & taste.

Since 2017, we've advised a number of collectors & corporate clients. As an art label, our services include:

Advisory & Curation

Rotating Art Programs

Commissioned Art & Murals

Brand Partnerships

IFAA Certified Appraisals & Cataloging

Professional Framing & Matting 

Seamless Installation & Transportation

Convenient Storage Solutions





Co-founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Young is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Art Mecca. He is responsible for the online presence & business development strategy of Art Mecca. Mr. Young began his career with J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank, where his passion for contemporary art grew. As the founder of Palate & Co., he has helped build & fund early-stage start-ups in hospitality, such as EasyTab.app, LoLo’s Seafood Shack & Pared.com.


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