"The New Normal" by Corbellic

"The New Normal" by Corbellic

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Package includes: 1 face mask and 1 filter.

Outer material: Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather Shell (Dry-Clean or wipe-down - Sanitize daily)

Reusable & Replaceable inner filter:  Flexzorb: Elite Grade: HEPA-type activated carbon filter keeps out odors and sub-micron particles (down to 0.3 microns). 100% activated carbon layered with non-woven melt-blown fabric.

Effective filter period: Filter is effective for about one month or 69 hours of use, whichever is sooner. After please wash following instructions.

Vents: Two exhalation valves allow easier breathing and expel moisture while preventing outside air from entering.

Sizes: Universal Fit - suitable for the average human being.

Uses: Suitable for daily fashion use, protecting against viruses, commuting, sports, riding and light work. May cause fogging of glasses and goggles if the mask is not properly worn.

Likes: Valves make breathing much easier and less claustrophobic than non-valved face masks. The Material is not only flexible, but extremely comfortable for a face mask, the filter is strong and holds form, but remains soft to touch on the face.


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